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Riham Isaac

Innovative, Artistic, Thought-Provoking, Collaborative, Influential

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Why Featured?

Riham Isaac is celebrated for her multidisciplinary approach to art and theater, which combines acting, singing, dancing, and video. Her works offer profound commentary on issues related to gender, politics, and the arts in Palestine, often exploring themes like love, women and resistance, and public space.

Brief bio

Riham Isaac is a performance artist and theater maker known for her unique blend of various disciplines to create new mediums of live performance. Her work is recognized for its playfulness and profound commentary on pressing issues, particularly those reflecting the innovative art production in Palestine.

Major Milestones


  • 2017: Co-directed 'The Alternativity' with Danny Boyle and Banksy, featured on BBC2.

  • 2016: Directed and produced 'I Am You,' a touring multidisciplinary performance in Palestine, Sweden, and Denmark.

  • 2014: Participated in the Qalandiya International Biennale with her performance, 'Stone on Road.'

  • Obtained a Performance MA from Goldsmiths, University of London.

  • Founded 'Art Salon' in Beit-Sahour, fostering artistic dialogue and community engagement​​​​.

  • The Alternativity (2017): A collaborative direction effort with Danny Boyle and Banksy, bringing international attention to Palestinian theater.

  • I Am You (2016): A multidisciplinary performance that toured various countries, highlighting Palestinian cultural narratives...See More

  • Stone on Road (2014): A performance at the Qalandiya International Biennale, reflecting on the Palestinian experience.

  • Teaching and Lecturing: Contributed to the academic field by lecturing at universities in Palestine and fostering new artistic talent.

  • Art Salon Founder: Established an independent art space in Beit Sahour, promoting the arts in the Palestinian community...See More

Date of Last Update: 
January 7, 2024

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