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Lameece Issaq

Trailblazing Palestinian-American Theatre Visionary.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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Why Featured?

Issaq has significantly contributed to the representation and exploration of Middle Eastern and specifically Palestinian narratives in American theatre. Through her multifaceted roles as an actor, writer, and producer, she has bridged cultural gaps and fostered a deeper understanding of Middle Eastern experiences.

Brief bio

Lameece Issaq is an acclaimed actor, writer, and producer with over fifteen years of experience in the professional theatre. She is notably recognized for her work in the Arab-American artist community and her contributions to the New York theatre scene. As the co-founder and former artistic director of Noor Theatre, Issaq has been instrumental in developing and supporting the work of theatre artists of Middle Eastern descent.

Major Milestones


  • Immigration of her parents from the Holy Land to the U.S. in 1972: Born to Palestinian immigrant parents, Issaq’s upbringing was shaped by a blend of cultures, reflecting both her American environment and Palestinian heritage.

  • Earning an MFA in Acting from UT Austin: This educational achievement marked the beginning of her professional journey in acting and theatre.

  • Co-founding Noor Theatre in 2010: Noor Theatre has become a critical platform for Middle Eastern artists in the U.S., showcasing their works and narratives...See More

  • Writing and Performing in "Food and Fadwa": Her play, which offers a profound look into life under Israeli occupation, showcases her ability to weave personal and cultural narratives into compelling theatre...See More 

  • Transition from Artistic Director of Noor Theatre: After 13 years, Issaq stepped down, reflecting on her impactful journey and contributions to the MENA/SWANA community in theatre.

  • Advancing Middle Eastern Narratives: Through Noor Theatre, Issaq has been at the forefront of bringing Middle Eastern stories and talents to the American theatre landscape.

  • Creating "Food and Fadwa": This play not only highlights Palestinian culture and the impact of occupation but also innovatively incorporates live cooking on stage, using traditional Palestinian recipes to enrich the storytelling.

  • Award-Winning Theatre Work: Her contributions have been recognized and celebrated within the theatre community, including a Drama Desk Award for Best Ensemble...See More

  • Educational Contributions: Issaq’s background and professional experience have made her a role model and mentor for emerging artists, particularly those of Middle Eastern descent.

  • Promotion of Cultural Exchange: Through her work, Issaq fosters a greater understanding and appreciation of Middle Eastern cultures in the U.S., encouraging dialogue and empathy across diverse audiences.

Date of Last Update: 
April 6, 2024

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