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Dalia Taha

Influential Playwright in Palestinian Theater

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Date of Birth:



Berlin, Germany

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Why Featured?

Dalia Taha is renowned for her powerful and evocative plays that portray the complexities and human experiences within the Palestinian context. Her work offers profound insights into the impact of occupation on individuals, especially children, making her a significant figure in modern Palestinian theater.

Brief bio

Dalia Taha is a Palestinian poet, playwright, and novelist, celebrated for her poignant and thought-provoking plays that delve into the lives of people in conflict zones, particularly in Palestine. Her plays are known for their depth, emotional intensity, and ability to convey the subtleties of human experiences under siege and war.

Major Milestones


  • 1986: Born in Berlin and grew up in Ramallah, Palestine.

  • 2013: Her first play, 'Keffiyeh/Made in China,' premiered in Brussels and toured seven Palestinian cities across the West Bank.

  • 2015: 'Fireworks (Al’ab Nariya)' was developed under the Royal Court’s International Playwriting residency and produced at the Royal Court Theatre...See More

  • 2016: Taha's play 'There Is No One Between You and Me' was produced at Brown University...See More

  • 2018: Produced 'Hunger: a Musical' in Palestine in collaboration with A. M. Qattan Foundation and Al-Mawred Al-Thaqafy​​​​.

  • 'Keffiyeh/Made in China': Her debut play, focusing on themes relevant to Palestinian life and identity.

  • 'Fireworks (Al'ab Nariya)': A play that offers a new perspective on how war affects childhood, premiered at the Royal Court Theatre, London​​​​.

  • International Recognition: Recipient of the inaugural Elyse Dodgson Commission for the Middle East by the Royal Court Theatre, highlighting her significant contributions to international playwriting.

  • Poetic and Novelistic Works: Published two collections of poetry and a novel, 'Arrafu l-Sawad' (The Black Fortune Teller), adding to her diverse literary accomplishments.

  • Educational Achievement: Holds an MFA in Playwriting from Brown University, underlining her academic dedication to her craft​

Date of Last Update: 
January 7, 2024

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