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Said Durrah

Prominent Arab-American Comedy Innovator.

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Date of Birth:



Detroit, Michigan, United States

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Why Featured?

His distinctive approach to comedy, focusing on Arab culture, religion, political satire, and stereotypes, has not only entertained a wide audience but also fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation for Middle Eastern cultures in the mainstream American context.

Brief bio

Said Durrah is an acclaimed stand-up comedian known for his observational comedy, satire, and engaging storytelling, which often reflect his Arab-American identity. His work in comedy spans various themes, including Arab culture, religion, and political satire, making him a vital figure in promoting Arab culture and issues through humor.

Major Milestones


  • Transitioned from corporate to comedy (2009): Transitioned from a career in corporate marketing, travel agents, and banking to full-time comedy, marking the beginning of his journey in the comedic world.

  • First stage appearance (October 2009): Made his first stage appearance at the Big Brown Comedy Hour in New York, laying the groundwork for his future in stand-up comedy.

  • "Arabs Gone Wild" comedy tour (October and November 2010): Participated in the "Arabs Gone Wild" comedy tour, contributing to the visibility and popularity of Arab-American comedy.

  • New York Arab American Comedy Festival performances (2011 and 2012): Performed at the New York Arab American Comedy Festival at Gotham Comedy Club, further establishing his presence in the Arab-American comedy scene.

  • Launch of "Arab Is Me" comedy show (Starting February 2013): Launched his comedy show "Arab Is Me," showcasing his unique comedic perspective and continuing to bridge cultural gaps through humor...See More

  • Bringing Arab-American Experiences to Comedy: Durrah uses his heritage and personal experiences to inform his comedy, offering audiences a rare glimpse into Arab-American life...See More

  • Participation in Significant Comedy Tours: His involvement in tours like "Arabs Gone Wild" helps popularize Arab-American comedy on a larger scale.

  • Performances Across the United States: Durrah has performed stand-up in numerous venues nationwide, spreading awareness and appreciation for Arab culture and humor.

  • Contributions to Comedy Festivals: His performances at the New York Arab American Comedy Festival have highlighted Arab comedic talent.

  • Development and Production of Comedy Shows: Beyond performing, Durrah also produces comedy shows, contributing to the broader comedy ecosystem and providing platforms for other comedians.

Date of Last Update: 
April 6, 2024

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