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Amer Hlehel

Dramatic Interpreter of Palestinian Poets

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Date of Birth:


Galilee village of Jish, Palestine

Place of Birth:

Why Featured?

Bringing Palestinian Stories to Global Stages

Brief bio

Amer Hlehel is a Palestinian actor, director, and playwright known for his compelling portrayal of Palestinian poet Taha Muhammad Ali in the play "Taha." His performances and dramatic narratives have played a crucial role in humanizing the Palestinian experience, showcasing the resilience and poetic spirit of his people.

Major Milestones


  • Career in Theater: Hlehel has distinguished himself in the theater world, both on local stages and internationally, particularly with his one-man show "Taha."

  • International Recognition: The play "Taha" has been celebrated globally, performed at prestigious venues like the Young Vic in London and the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

  • Dedication to Palestinian Narrative: His portrayal of Taha Muhammad Ali brings to life the poet's story, paralleling the broader Palestinian experience of displacement and resistance.

  • Advocacy Through Art: Hlehel's work extends beyond entertainment, serving as a form of advocacy for Palestinian rights and history...See More

  • Continued Contributions to Culture: Beyond "Taha," Hlehel continues to work in film and theater, promoting Palestinian culture and stories...See More

  • Theatrical Innovation: Hlehel's approach to theater combines deep personal narratives with broader socio-political themes, offering audiences new ways to engage with complex issues...See More 

  • Cultural Representation: Through his performances, Hlehel has helped to elevate Palestinian cultural expressions on the international stage.

  • Education and Mentorship: He conducts workshops and speaks at various educational forums, inspiring the next generation of artists and activists.

  • Promotion of Palestinian Literature: By bringing the works of Palestinian poets to life, Hlehel fosters a greater appreciation for Palestinian literary contributions.

  • Bridging Communities: His art serves as a bridge, connecting Palestinian struggles with global audiences, fostering empathy and understanding across cultural divides.

Date of Last Update: 
July 8, 2024

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