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Bashar Murkus

Innovative, Provocative, Collaborative, Expressive, Pioneering

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Date of Birth:



Kufer Yasif, North of Occupied Palestine

Place of Birth:

Why Featured?

Bashar Murkus is recognized for his remarkable contributions to Palestinian theater, especially for integrating technology and modernist storytelling styles in his productions. He is acclaimed for creating deeply immersive and provocative works that offer intense glimpses into contemporary Palestinian culture, often touching on complex social, political, and philosophical themes.

Brief bio

Bashar Murkus is a Palestinian theater director and writer based in Haifa. He began his career in theater after graduating from the University of Haifa Theatre department in 2011. He is a founding member and the artistic director of Khashabi Theatre, an independent Palestinian theater in Haifa. His works, which have been staged internationally, are known for their sensual performative language, combining written drama with sound, visual imagery, and corporal movements.

Major Milestones


  • 2011: Graduated from the University of Haifa Theatre department.

  • 2014: Staged “The Parallel Time” at Al-Midan Theatre in Haifa, causing a national controversy and impacting contemporary Palestinian theater.

  • 2015: Became the artistic director of Khashabi Theatre in Haifa...See More

  • Directed nearly 20 theater productions since 2011, including international tours...See More

  • 2017 - 2022: Created significant works like “Hash” (2017), “The Museum” (2019), and “Milk” (2022), showcasing his unique directorial approach​​​​​​...See More

  • "The Parallel Time" (2014): A play dramatizing the issue of Palestinian political prisoners, sparking significant cultural and political discourse.

  • Founding Khashabi Theatre: Establishing an independent space for Palestinian theater in Haifa.

  • Innovative Directing Style: Murkus' productions are known for their combination of written drama, sound, visual imagery, and movements, creating a unique post-dramatic theater experience.

  • International Recognition: His works have been staged in numerous international theaters, bringing Palestinian narratives to a global audience.

  • Teaching and Mentoring: Contributing to the next generation of artists by teaching acting and directing at various academic and arts institutions

Date of Last Update: 
January 7, 2024

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