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Paul A. Ajlouny

Entrepreneur, Businessman, Trailblazer in Palestinian media

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Date of Birth:



Ramallah, British Mandate Palestine

Place of Birth:

Why Featured?

Founding the influential Palestinian newspaper Al Fajr

Brief bio

Paul A. Ajlouny is a Palestinian-American publisher and businessman, renowned for founding the Palestinian newspaper Al Fajr in 1972, which played a significant role in Palestinian media.

Major Milestones


  • Born in Ramallah: Ajlouny was born in 1933 in what was then British Mandate Palestine.

  • Emigration to the USA: Moved to the United States in 1946.

  • Education: Earned an engineering degree from the University of Kentucky in 1963.

  • Founding Al Fajr: Launched Al Fajr in 1972, a newspaper that became a voice for the Palestinian perspective.

  • Closure of Al Fajr: The newspaper was shut down in 1993 after facing financial difficulties.

  • Establishing Al Fajr: Founded one of the first Palestinian newspapers in Jerusalem...See More

  • Media Influence: Contributed to shaping the media landscape for the Palestinian community.

  • Support for Palestinian Identity: His newspaper provided a platform for Palestinian voices during a critical time.

  • Business Acumen: Combined his engineering and business skills to run a major newspaper.

  • Community Impact: Through his work, Ajlouny influenced generations of Palestinian journalists and readers.

Date of Last Update: 
May 9, 2024

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