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Saed Nashef

Influential Palestinian venture capital pioneer

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Date of Birth:



Jerusalem, Palestine

Place of Birth:

Why Featured?

Saed Nashef is recognized for his significant contributions to the Palestinian and broader Arab startup ecosystem through his role in venture capital. His efforts in supporting innovative technology startups have had a notable impact on the region's economic development and technological advancement.

Brief bio

Saed Nashef is a Palestinian entrepreneur and venture capitalist known for founding Sadara Ventures, a venture capital firm focused on investing in Palestinian technology startups. He has a background in software engineering, including experience at Microsoft, and has played a vital role in fostering the growth of the tech sector in the Palestinian Territories.

Major Milestones


  • Education: Studied computer science at California State University, Long Beach.

  • Microsoft: Worked in various software engineering and leadership roles at Microsoft.

  • Entrepreneurship: Founded and served as CTO of Equiom, Inc., a software consultancy firm.

  • Venture Capital: Co-founded Sadara Ventures, focusing on high-growth software companies in the Palestinian Territories...See More

  • Awards: Received the Jeff Timmons Memorial Award for outstanding contribution.

  • Founding Sadara Ventures: Established a venture capital firm investing in Palestinian tech startups

  • Technology Development: Contributed to the growth of the technology sector in Palestine

  • International Collaboration: Facilitated connections between Palestinian startups and international markets

  • Supporting Entrepreneurship: Advocated for and supported Palestinian entrepreneurs

  • Board Membership: Serves on the board of various technology companies, including Yamsafer

Date of Last Update: 
January 13, 2024

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