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Natalie Tahhan

Innovator, Designer, Cultural Preserver, Trendsetter, Entrepreneur

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Date of Birth:



Jerusalem, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Natalie Tahhan's inclusion in the Hall of Fame is attributed to her pioneering work in contemporary Palestinian fashion. She has skillfully blended traditional Palestinian embroidery with modern design elements, thereby promoting Palestinian culture and heritage through her unique fashion statements. Her creation of the 'Prints of Palestine' collection stands as a significant contribution, influencing not just the Palestinian fashion industry but also gaining recognition abroad. Her work, which resonates with cultural preservation and trendsetting in fashion, cements her as a leading figure in the fashion world and a vital preserver of Palestinian heritage.

Brief bio

Natalie Tahhan is a Palestinian fashion designer known for her innovative approach to traditional Palestinian fashion. She has creatively integrated historical Palestinian elements, especially 19th-century embroidery, into contemporary designs. Her brand, Natalie Tahhan SP, based in Jerusalem, emphasizes luxurious high-end women swear that communicates the rich Palestinian heritage.

Major Milestones


  • Education: Following high school, Tahhan enrolled in the Women swear program at the University of the Arts: London College of Fashion, gaining expertise in adapting traditional designs to contemporary fashion.

  • Career Launch: She launched her self-titled brand, 'Natalie Tahhan,' in 2015, a luxury women swear label in Jerusalem...See More

  • Innovative Approach: Tahhan introduced digital design techniques in fashion, replacing traditional cross-stitching and embroidery with digitally printed fabrics...See More

  • International Recognition: Tahhan's designs have garnered a following both locally and internationally, particularly in the Gulf, where she sells her clothes online.

  • Cultural Impact: Through her brand, she is reviving the Palestinian production and textile industry, promoting local talent, and highlighting Palestinian culture.

  • Modernizing Traditional Motifs: Tahhan's designs ingeniously blend traditional Palestinian embroidery and motifs with contemporary fashion.

  • Creating Employment Opportunities: As the head designer of her brand, she works with freelance seamstresses in Jerusalem, thereby supporting the local economy.

  • Prints of Palestine Collection: This collection focuses on showcasing diverse Palestinian heritage and culture through historical embroidery motifs.

  • Social Media and International Outreach: Tahhan has effectively used social media and participated in international tradeshows to market and share her designs globally.

  • Advocating for Local Manufacturing: Her vision includes supporting exclusively Palestinian-manufactured designs, promoting local industries and development​​

Date of Last Update: 
December 27, 2023

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