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Dr. Ayman Ismail Rabi

Environmentalist, Innovator, Leader, Advocate, and Educator

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Date of Birth:



Deir Ghassaneh, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Dr. Ayman Rabi is renowned for his extensive work in water and environmental conservation in Palestine. He has been a pivotal figure in addressing water scarcity and environmental challenges in the region. Through his leadership of the Palestinian Hydrology Group (PHG), he has significantly contributed to improving access to water and sanitation, monitoring pollution, and addressing climate change issues in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Brief bio

Dr. Ayman Rabi is the Executive Director of the Palestinian Hydrology Group (PHG), the largest NGO in Palestine focusing on water and environmental conservation. With over 25 years of experience in water and environmental-related fields, he has contributed significantly to local and international research and initiatives in these areas. His efforts are crucial in a region where water scarcity and environmental challenges are profound.

Major Milestones


  • Founding of PHG (1987): Dr. Rabi founded the PHG while working with the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committees, creating a specialized body for addressing water and environmental issues in Palestine.

  • Multilateral Working Group on Water (1992): He was nominated to the Palestinian team for the Multilateral Working Group on Water within the Peace Process.

  • Founding of PENGON (1999): Dr. Rabi proposed and established the Palestinian Environmental NGO Network (PENGON), uniting several organizations to work on environmental issues in Palestine.

  • Leadership in Environmental NGOs (2003): Elected vice president of MEDFORUM in Spain, a significant environmental NGO forum, and member of the advisory board of the Mediterranean Information Office.

  • Academic and Professional Development: Dr. Rabi earned his B.Sc. in geological engineering, M.Sc. in water resource systems engineering, and Ph.D. in water resources engineering, contributing to his expertise in the field.

  • Advocacy for Water and Environmental Issues: Dr. Rabi has been an active participant in advocating for water and environmental issues in the occupied Palestinian Territory, expanding his professional network regionally and internationally.

  • Research and Publications: As an author and co-author of more than 30 publications, he has significantly contributed to the body of knowledge in water resources and environmental engineering.

  • International Representation: Dr. Rabi represented PHG in various international forums, such as the launching of the Mediterranean Water Year in Athens, Greece, and was part of committees like the Sustainable Water Supply Committee for the Middle East.

  • Coordination of Environmental Efforts: Led the coordination efforts of environmental NGOs in the Mediterranean basin, and presented a position paper on water issues at the Ministerial Water Conference in Turin, Italy.

  • Professional Associations and Boards: He is a member of the Engineers Association, the Rosenberg International Forum on Water Policy, and the national representative for Palestine within the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS)

Date of Last Update: 
January 13, 2024

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