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Mahmoud Muna

Educator, Bookseller, Cultural Contributor, and Writer

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Date of Birth:


Jerusalem, Palestine

Place of Birth:

Why Featured?

Mahmoud Muna is widely recognized for his significant role in promoting Palestinian literature and culture. As the proprietor of the famous Educational Bookshop and an active participant in cultural initiatives like the Kalimat Literature Festival, Muna has become a key figure in sustaining and enriching Palestinian literary heritage.

Brief bio

Mahmoud Muna, born in Jerusalem and raised in its refugee camp (Shu’fat), is a notable Palestinian figure known as the bookseller of Jerusalem. He runs his family’s two renowned bookshops: The Educational Bookshop and the Bookshop at the American Colony Hotel. Muna is a computer science graduate and a trained communicator who has become an influential voice in Palestinian cultural and literary circles. His work extends to writing for local and international cultural magazines and newspapers, and he is deeply involved in various cultural initiatives.

Major Milestones


  • Educational Background: Muna pursued his studies in the UK after being forced to relocate from Al-Quds University, completing degrees in computer science and communications.

  • Running Family Bookshops (Date Unspecified): Mahmoud took over the management of the family’s bookshops, sustaining a vital cultural hub in Jerusalem​​.

  • Expansion of Bookshops (2009): He expanded the business by opening an additional bookstore on Salah Ad-Dine Street, featuring a café, and catering to a diverse clientele.

  • Curating Granta's First Arabic Edition (2020): Muna was commissioned by Granta to publish the magazine's first-ever Arabic edition, curating works from creative Arab writers.

  • Organizing the Kalimat Palestinian Literature Festival (2018-2019): He organized the Kalimat Palestinian Literature Festival, promoting Palestinian literature and writers.

  • Promotion of Palestinian Literature: Muna's bookshops focus on Palestinian literature, history, and politics, providing access to a range of works about Palestine.

  • Cultural Preservation and Advocacy: He has been instrumental in preserving and advocating for Palestinian culture and identity through literature and events.

  • Literary Consulting and Publishing: Muna contributes to literary festivals and has started publishing books in English and Arabic, including works on Palestinian culture and history​​.

  • Bridging Literary Gaps: His efforts have bridged the gap between Palestinian writers and readers, facilitating important cultural discussions.

  • Supporting Palestinian Writers: Muna focuses on celebrating and empowering Palestinian writers, providing them a platform to tell their stories

Date of Last Update: 
January 13, 2024

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