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Abdul Hameed Shoman

Founder of Arab Bank, Philanthropist

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Date of Birth:



Beit Hanina, Palestine

Place of Birth:

Why Featured?

Abdul Hameed Shoman is renowned for establishing the Arab Bank, a leading financial institution in the Arab world. His vision and efforts in banking significantly contributed to the economic development of the region and played a pivotal role in supporting Arab nationalism and independence movements.

Brief bio

Abdul Hameed Shoman was a Palestinian businessman and banker who founded the Arab Bank, one of the largest financial institutions in the Arab world. His journey began with immigration to the United States, where he achieved business success, which he later leveraged to support Arab economies through banking. His work extended beyond banking to include significant contributions to cultural and scientific fields through the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation.

Major Milestones


  • 1911: Immigrated to the United States and achieved business success

  • 1930: Founded the Arab Bank

  • 1949: Assumed the role of Deputy Chairman of the Arab Bank

  • 1964: Became the first Chairman of the Palestinian National Fund and served on the executive committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization

  • 1978: Established the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation

  • Arab Bank: Founded and expanded the Arab Bank into a major global financial institution

  • Economic Development: Played a significant role in the economic development of Arab countries

  • Cultural and Scientific Support: Through the Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, supported scientific research, culture, and creativity [68†source].

  • Support for Arab Nationalism: Advocated for Arab unity and supported national Arab liberation movements

  • MIT Collaboration: Partnered with MIT for the MIT-Arab World Program, fostering international scientific collaboration

Date of Last Update: 
January 13, 2024

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