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Maher Kaddoura

Social Entrepreneur, Innovator

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Jordan, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Pioneering road safety initiatives and fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in Jordan.

Brief bio

Maher Kaddoura is a management consultant, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and social entrepreneur recognized for his contributions to road safety and economic development in Jordan. He has established various high-impact social programs and professional service firms.

Major Milestones


  • Establishment of Al-Jude for Scientific Care: A nonprofit company aiding Jordan's youth in becoming economically self-sufficient.

  • Founding Hikmat Road Safety (2008): Launched in response to a personal tragedy, significantly reducing traffic fatalities in Jordan...See More

  • Involvement in NewThink Theatre: Modeled after the TED ideas conference, it serves as a platform for spreading positive actions through talks and discussions...See More

  • Hosting Entrepreneurship Boot Camps: Guiding young entrepreneurs from ideas to investment-ready companies.

  • Building a Network of Businessmen: Creating a network of 100 businessmen committed to supporting new small companies annually.

  • Road Safety Initiatives: Significant reduction in traffic fatalities and serious injuries in Jordan.

  • Educational Programs: Initiatives in schools to foster road safety awareness.

  • Playground Enhancements: Improving playgrounds to create safer spaces for children.

  • Entrepreneurship Promotion: Fostering an entrepreneurial spirit and innovation in people...See More

  • Community Engagement in Road Safety: Engaging the community and particularly youth in road safety initiatives.

Date of Last Update: 
January 15, 2024

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