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Omar A. Aggad

Pioneering businessman, philanthropist, economic contributor

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Date of Birth:



Jaffa, Mandatory Palestine

Place of Birth:

Why Featured?

Omar A. Aggad is recognized for his significant contributions to the economies of Saudi Arabia and Palestine through his diverse business ventures. He founded the Aggad Investment Company (AICO) and the Arab Palestinian Investment Company (APIC), which have played pivotal roles in job creation and economic development in Palestine.

Brief bio

Omar A. Aggad was a Saudi-born Palestinian businessman, known for his entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropic efforts. He established numerous successful companies across various sectors, significantly contributing to the economic landscape of Saudi Arabia and Palestine. Aggad was also a dedicated philanthropist, notably supporting educational institutions like Birzeit University.

Major Milestones


  • 1927: Born in Jaffa, Mandatory Palestine.

  • Education: Attended University of Manchester, obtaining degrees in electrical and mechanical engineering.

  • 1950: Moved to Saudi Arabia, initially joining Juffali Group as a senior manager.

  • 1975: Founded Aggad Investment Company (AICO)...See More

  • Posthumous Recognition (2018): Awarded the “Great Star of Merit” of the “Order of Jerusalem” by President Mahmoud Abbas.

  • Establishment of AICO: Created one of the leading investment groups in Saudi Arabia.

  • Founding of APIC: Played a crucial role in Palestine's economic development.

  • Diverse Business Ventures: Led over 40 industrial and trade ventures in Saudi Arabia.

  • Philanthropy in Education: Funded the construction of the Engineering Faculty at Birzeit University.

  • Economic Influence: His companies include United Automobiles, Riyadh Pharma, and Sanad Insurance Co.

Date of Last Update: 
January 13, 2024

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