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Suad Al Husseini Al Juffali

Philanthropist, Education and Health Advocate

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Date of Birth:



Jerusalem, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Suad Al Husseini Al Juffali is a renowned philanthropist who has significantly contributed to various fields, including education, health, and social welfare. Her work has spanned over six decades, focusing on improving human welfare in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia.

Brief bio

Suad Al Husseini Al Juffali, born in Jerusalem, is a prominent figure in philanthropy, particularly known for her efforts in supporting education, health care, and the welfare of women and children in the Middle East. As the widow of the late Sheikh Ahmed Abdullah Juffali, she has continued his legacy through numerous charitable endeavors.

Major Milestones


  • Education: Received a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and sociology in 1954 from Beirut College for Women, now Lebanese American University (LAU)...See More

  • Co-Founding the Help Center (1985): A special education institution for children with intellectual disabilities in Jeddah.

  • Establishment of Suad Al-Husseini Juffali Foundation: A foundation providing higher education scholarship funds to Arab students and establishing chaired professorships at different universities worldwide.

  • Involvement in Women's Welfare Societies (1956 onwards): Played a crucial role in establishing and organizing Jeddah’s first women’s welfare society and Al-Faisalya Women Welfare Society.

  • Recognition and Awards: Received numerous awards for her charitable services, including an honorary doctorate from Bethlehem University and the American University in Cairo (AUC).

  • Education and Scholarship Programs: Established the Suad Al-Husseini Juffali Scholarship and various other educational initiatives, significantly contributing to student opportunities in the Middle East.

  • Healthcare Initiatives: Supported mental health programs, neonatal clinics, cancer centers, and kidney dialysis and immunization programs.

  • Social Welfare: Actively involved in organizing and supporting women's welfare societies and initiatives focusing on mother and child welfare.

  • Support for Special Education: Co-founder and trustee of the Help Center in Jeddah, aiding children with intellectual disabilities.

  • Leadership in Philanthropy: Served on the boards of various educational institutions, including the American University in Cairo and Effat University, and contributed to the Palestinian Scholarship Fund and the AUC Annual Fund...See More

Date of Last Update: 
January 13, 2024

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