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Mohammed Al Halabi

Humanitarian, Dedicated, Resilient, Committed, Misjudged

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Jabaliya refugee camp, Gaza Strip​​​​, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Mohammed Al Halabi is known for his significant role as the manager of operations for World Vision in Gaza. His work focused on humanitarian aid and supporting vulnerable communities, including children and people with disabilities in Gaza. Al Halabi's case gained international attention due to his arrest and by the Israeli occupation.

Brief bio

Mohammed Al Halabi was a dedicated humanitarian worker from Gaza, serving as the director of the Gaza office for the US-based charity World Vision. His work was primarily focused on aiding children and individuals with disabilities, who were among those most affected by the ongoing Israeli aggressions on challenges in the Gaza Strip. In 2016, he was arrested by the Israeli and later convicted in a trial that raised significant concerns regarding its fairness and transparency.

Major Milestones


  • Work with World Vision: Al Halabi worked with World Vision in Gaza, focusing on aiding vulnerable groups.

  • Arrest (2016): He was arrested in 2016 while returning from routine meetings by the Israeli occupation police...See More

  • Long Detention: Al Halabi spent several years in detention pending trial.

  • International Advocacy: His case has garnered attention and advocacy from international organizations...See More

  • Aiding Vulnerable Children: His work in Gaza focused on helping children affected by the occupation.

  • Supporting People with Disabilities: Al Halabi dedicated efforts to assist individuals with disabilities in Gaza.

  • Humanitarian Aid Management: He managed humanitarian aid operations under challenging conditions.

  • Advocacy for Fair Trial: His case has highlighted issues of justice and fair trial processes.

  • Raising Awareness: His situation has raised international awareness about the complexities of aid work in under occupation.

Date of Last Update: 
January 13, 2024

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