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Hani Masri

Champion of Youth Empowerment

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Date of Birth:


Nablus, Palestine

Place of Birth:

Why Featured?

Pioneering Philanthropy in Education and Empowerment

Brief bio

Hani Masri, an advocate for Middle East peace and children's issues, is the President of Tomorrow's Youth Organization (TYO). TYO is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the holistic development of children and the economic and social empowerment of women in the Middle East. Masri's work, through TYO, embodies a forward-thinking approach to addressing the immediate needs of communities afflicted by conflict, isolation, and poverty, promoting personal and community development.

Major Milestones


  • Founded Tomorrow's Youth Organization (TYO): Established TYO to provide educational and empowerment programs for children and women.

  • Diplomatic Service: Served in the diplomatic service of Jordan, including roles in the United Nations Department and as consul at the Jordanian Embassy in Washington, DC.

  • Board Memberships: Actively involved as a board member of notable organizations like the Peres Center and Seeds of Peace.

  • Co-founded Palestine Note: Launched a blog aimed at fostering dialogue on Middle Eastern issues.

  • Expansion of TYO: Extended TYO's reach by opening centers in locations beyond Nablus, including plans for Egypt, Lebanon, and Gaza.

  • Holistic Child Development: Spearheaded initiatives in early childhood education focusing on cognitive and emotional growth (Global Thinkers Forum) .

  • Women's Empowerment Programs: Launched empowerment programs for women, aiming at their social and economic development (Global Thinkers Forum) .

  • Cross-cultural Staff Development: Built a multicultural team to support community development in areas emerging from economic and political strife (Global Thinkers Forum) .

  • Advocacy at the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI): Participated in CGI to advocate for youth and women in the Middle East (Global Thinkers Forum) .

  • Expansion into Lebanon and Plans for Jordan: With support from partners like the Cherie Blair Foundation and JP Morgan, TYO expanded to Lebanon and planned further expansion into Jordan and a new social enterprise initiative (Global Thinkers Forum) .

Date of Last Update: 
April 9, 2024

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