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Nidal Sukhtian

Innovator, Business Leader, Strategic Visionary

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Why Featured?

Nidal Sukhtian is notable for his significant contributions to the Palestinian community through his leadership in business and his involvement in various development projects. His work has greatly influenced the pharmaceutical, agricultural, and technological sectors.

Brief bio

Nidal Sukhtian is a distinguished business figure, primarily recognized for his leadership roles in multiple companies. He founded the Palestine Telecommunications Co. and the Palestine Development & Investment Co., showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to Palestinian economic development.

Major Milestones


  • Founding of Companies: Founded Palestine Telecommunications Co. and Palestine Development & Investment Co...See More

  • Leadership in Business: Has held leadership positions in over 10 different companies.

  • Expansion of Sukhtian Group: Under his guidance, the Sukhtian Group expanded its operations across multiple sectors including pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and technology.

  • Recognition for Business Excellence: Honored for his dynamic and impactful business contributions in Jordan (2019).

  • Phosphoric Acid Factory Project: Played a key role in a project to establish a factory for pure phosphoric acid in Aqaba, a first of its kind in the region...See More

  • Entrepreneurial Initiatives: His founding of significant companies in Palestine.

  • Diversification of Sukhtian Group: Diversified the group’s operations into various sectors, enhancing its global presence.

  • Business Leadership: His role as a business leader has influenced the direction and success of multiple companies.

  • Development Projects: Involvement in development projects like the phosphoric acid factory, showcasing a commitment to economic development.

  • Expansion into New Markets: Extended the reach of Sukhtian Group’s operations, contributing to its growth and success in new markets.

Date of Last Update: 
January 13, 2024

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