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Dima Srouji

Innovative artist blending architecture & glasswork.

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Why Featured?

Dima Srouji stands out for her unique interdisciplinary approach, combining architecture, visual arts, and glasswork to explore and express cultural and historical narratives of Palestine. Her innovative work in glass and her role as an educator and researcher have made her a significant figure in the realm of contemporary Palestinian art and architecture.

Brief bio

Dima Srouji is a Palestinian architect and visual artist known for her exploration of the ground as a space of cultural significance. She works with diverse media, including glass, text, archives, maps, plaster casts, and film, and collaborates closely with archaeologists, anthropologists, sound designers, and glassblowers. Her projects often delve into the themes of cultural heritage and public space, particularly in the context of the Middle East and Palestine.

Major Milestones


  • 2022-2023 Jameel Fellow at the Victoria & Albert Museum: Dima Srouji was a Jameel Fellow at the Victoria & Albert Museum, a prestigious appointment recognizing her work in the field.

  • Teaching at the Royal College of Art: She leads the MA City Design studio at the Royal College of Art in London, focusing on archaeological sites in Palestine.

  • Founder of Hollow Forms: In 2016, Srouji founded Hollow Forms, a glassblowing project with the Twam family in Jaba’, Palestine.

  • Permanent Collections: Her work is part of permanent collections at several major museums, including the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

  • Role as a Researcher: Her research crosses multiple scales, from individual objects to landscapes, exploring topics like the history of colonial archaeology and the material culture of glass.

  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Srouji's work bridges architecture, visual arts, and glasswork, creating a unique narrative of Palestinian culture...See More

  • Innovative Glasswork: Her collections, like Ghosts and Knots, reflect both traditional craftsmanship and contemporary artistic expression...See More

  • Educational Contributions: As a tutor at the Royal College of Art, she imparts knowledge on city design and archaeological sites in Palestine...See More

  • Cultural Narrative Exploration: Through her art, Srouji delves into silenced narratives and intergenerational memories embedded in Palestinian history.

  • Collaboration with Artisans: Her work with glassblowers from Jaba’ highlights traditional Palestinian craftsmanship in a modern context.

Date of Last Update: 
December 25, 2023

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