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Omar Yousef

Influential architect & academic

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Why Featured?

Omar Yousef is recognized for his contributions to architecture, urban planning, and advocacy for Palestinian rights, particularly in the context of Jerusalem. His work, combining academic research with practical initiatives, has been influential in addressing critical urban issues in Palestinian territories.

Brief bio

Omar Yousef is an architect and urban planner with a focus on the challenges facing Palestinian urban environments, especially in Jerusalem. He has been an assistant professor at Al-Quds University and the academic coordinator of the M.A. program in Jerusalem Studies. His work encompasses both academic research and practical projects in urban planning, addressing key issues such as water conservation, ecological challenges, and the impact of the occupation on Palestinian cities.

Major Milestones


  • Academic Career: Assistant professor at Al-Quds University and academic coordinator of the M.A. program in Jerusalem Studies.

  • Research Focus: Conducted research on Palestinian attitudes about the peace process and spatial change in Jerusalem.

  • Ecological Advocacy: Highlighted the ecological challenges in Gaza and the broader Palestinian territories.

  • Contributions to Urban Planning: Engaged in projects promoting ecological infrastructure and water and waste recycling in Gaza.

  • International Engagement: Participated in international conferences, bringing attention to Palestinian urban issues.

  • Urban Planning Initiatives: Developed and promoted ecological infrastructure ventures and water and waste recycling projects in Gaza...See More

  • Academic Research: Researched and published on the urban morphology of conflict, focusing on Jerusalem.

  • Teaching and Mentoring: Educated future architects and urban planners, influencing the next generation in the field.

  • Advocacy for Palestinian Rights: Actively participated in organizations and forums advocating for Palestinian rights in urban planning and development.

  • International Collaboration: Engaged in dialogue and collaboration with international bodies to address Palestinian urban and ecological issues.

Date of Last Update: 
January 16, 2024

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