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Yara Sharif

Innovative Architect and Academic

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Why Featured?

Bridging architecture with politics and empowering communities.

Brief bio

Yara Sharif is a distinguished architect and academic, known for her work in design as a means to empower "forgotten" communities and explore the intricate relationship between politics and architecture. Her multifaceted approach intertwines research with practical design, making significant contributions to sustainable and community-focused architecture.

Major Milestones


  • Educational Achievements: Sharif's academic journey is marked by a Bachelor of Science in Architecture, a Master of Arts in Urban Design, and a PhD in Urban Planning and Development.

  • Academic Career: She has been a lecturer at both the University of Westminster and Oxford Brookes University, contributing significantly to architectural education...See More

  • Professional Practice: Beyond academia, Sharif is a partner at Golzari-NG Architects London, where her work focuses on sustainable community projects...See More

  • Founding of PART: Co-founding the Palestine Regeneration Team (PART), Sharif has led projects aiming at healing the fractured landscape of Palestine through creative and responsive spatial possibilities.

  • Awards and Recognition: Her research and projects have been recognized with several awards, including the RIBA President’s Award for Research in 2016 and the Holcim Award for Sustainable Construction in 2014.

  • Research on Architecture and Politics: Sharif's work critically examines the relationship between architecture and politics, offering insights into how design can be used as a form of empowerment and resistance.

  • Innovative Design Projects: Through Golzari-NG Architects and PART, Sharif has worked on sustainable projects that address cultural identity and responsive design, fostering community empowerment...See More

  • Academic Contributions: Sharif has greatly contributed to architectural education through her teaching and development of design studios that challenge traditional narratives...See More

  • Architecture of Resistance: Her book, "Architecture of Resistance," explores the spatial dynamics within the Palestinian/Israeli conflict, proposing architecture as a means of exploring and asserting Palestinian narratives and rights...See More

  • Collaborative Projects for Cultural Heritage: Collaborating with NGOs like Riwaq, Sharif has contributed to projects that have won awards for their impact on sustainable construction and the regeneration of historic centers, such as the Regeneration of Birzeit Historic Centre...See More

Date of Last Update: 
April 6, 2024

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