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Bilal Hammad

Innovative Architect, Urban Activist, Educator

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Nablus, Palestine​​

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Why Featured?

Bilal Hammad is recognized for his significant contributions to the architectural and urban landscape of Jordan and the broader Middle East region. As a Palestinian architect, urban activist, and educator, Hammad has been instrumental in shaping key architectural landmarks and has demonstrated a strong commitment to urban design and development.

Brief bio

Bilal Hammad, a Palestinian architect, has made remarkable contributions to architecture and urban planning in the Middle East. With a focus on integrating art into architecture and interior design, Hammad has played a pivotal role in several important projects across Jordan and the region, showcasing his creativity and commitment to design excellence.

Major Milestones


  • 1977: Founded Bilal Hammad Architects, a leading design studio in Amman, Jordan​​​​.

  • 1979: Designed the Al Ribat residential compound, a pioneering housing project in Jordan, nominated twice for the Aga Khan award​​​​.

  • 1981: Joined by Nida’ Masannat in Bilal Hammad Architects​​.

  • Involvement in Key Projects: Influential in master planning Ras Al Ain’s cultural strip, the Greater Amman Municipality building, and over a hundred projects across Jordan and the region​​.

  • Educational Contributions: Acted as an educator and jury member for architectural competitions, and as an external examiner at various schools of architecture in the region​​​​.

  • Al Ribat Residential Compound: A pioneering housing project designed in 1979, still considered a landmark in Jordan's housing sector​​​​...See More 

  • Greater Amman Municipality Building: Contributed to the urban landscape of Amman through significant architectural projects including the Greater Amman Municipality building​​.

  • Diverse Architectural Projects: Over 150 diverse projects including residential, commercial, cultural, religious, and hospitality projects, as well as rehabilitation and restoration of existing buildings​​.

  • Academic Contributions: Lectured and exhibited his work in academic institutions across the Middle East and Europe, influencing future generations of architects​​.

  • Innovative Design and Urban Activism: Demonstrated a clear interest in graphic design, corporate image, and its integration with architecture, reflecting a commitment to urban issues and design​

Date of Last Update: 
December 30, 2023

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