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Hamdan Taha

Pioneering in preserving archaeological & cultural heritage.

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Date of Birth:


Al-Shuyukh Village, Hebron, Palestine

Place of Birth:

Why Featured?

Dr. Hamdan Taha is celebrated for his pivotal role in archaeology and cultural heritage preservation in Palestine. His contributions have significantly enhanced the understanding and preservation of Palestinian heritage, making him a key figure in the field.

Brief bio

Dr. Hamdan Taha is renowned for his extensive work in the field of archaeology, especially in the Palestinian context. His efforts in re-establishing and leading the Palestinian Department of Antiquities and his role as National Director of the World Heritage Program in Palestine highlight his commitment to preserving and promoting Palestinian archaeological heritage.

Major Milestones


  • 1994: Re-established the Palestinian Department of Antiquities.

  • 1995-2004: Served as the Director General of the Palestinian Department of Antiquities.

  • 2002-2014: Acted as the National Director of the World Heritage Program in Palestine.

  • 2014: Held the position of Palestinian Deputy Minister of Tourism.

  • Academic Role: Worked as a professor in the Department of Archaeology at Birzeit University.

  • Reviving the Palestinian Department of Antiquities: Played a key role in reviving this crucial department, fostering the preservation and study of Palestinian heritage...See More

  • World Heritage Program Leadership: As National Director, contributed to the protection and promotion of Palestinian sites on the world stage.

  • Academic Contributions: Through his professorship, Dr. Taha influenced a generation of students and researchers in the field of archaeology.

  • Publications and Research: Authored numerous scholarly articles and books, enriching the academic discourse on Palestinian archaeological heritage.

  • Advocacy for Cultural Heritage: Actively involved in highlighting the challenges of protecting Palestinian heritage sites, especially under occupation.

Date of Last Update: 
January 13, 2024

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