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Dr. Fathi Abdel-Raouf Arafat Al-Qudwa

Founder, Palestinian Red Crescent Society

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Jerusalem, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Dr. Fathi Arafat was a renowned Palestinian physician and a pivotal figure in the Palestinian national movement. He is most celebrated for founding the Palestinian Red Crescent Society and his dedicated service in the fields of medicine and humanitarian aid.

Brief bio

Dr. Fathi Arafat was a doctor trained in obstetrics and pediatrics, with a strong interest in the mental health of survivors of Middle Eastern conflicts. He was actively involved in both medical and political spheres, combining his professional expertise with a deep commitment to the Palestinian cause. Although less well-known internationally than his brother Yasser Arafat, he was a respected and influential figure in Palestinian society.

Major Milestones


  • Educational Achievements (1950-1957): Studied medicine at King Fuad University in Cairo and helped set up the Palestine Student Union during his studies, later becoming a resident in pediatrics...See More

  • Medical Service in Kuwait (1960s): Worked in Kuwait's ministry of health, contributing to the establishment of national hospitals.

  • Service in Refugee Camps (1967): Worked as a pediatrician in Palestinian refugee camps in the West Bank and later in refugee camp clinics east of the Jordan.

  • Election to the Palestinian National Council (PNC): His popularity and dedicated service among refugees secured his election to the PNC.

  • Leadership Roles in the Palestinian Red Crescent Society (1968-2001): Became vice-chairman of the PRCS in 1968, later serving as chairman from 1978 until his resignation in 2001, and continuing as honorary chairman until 2004.

  • Founding the Palestinian Red Crescent Society: Dr. Arafat founded and led the PRCS, a major organization providing medical and humanitarian aid in the region.

  • Medical Services: His work during the siege of Beirut in 1982, under challenging conditions, saved many lives.

  • Advocacy for Mental Health: Took a strong interest in the mental health of conflict survivors, addressing the emotional impact of violence in the region.

  • Political Involvement: Actively engaged in Palestinian nationalistic activities, blending his medical practice with his commitment to the Palestinian cause.

  • Humanitarian Aid and Service: His leadership in the PRCS during critical periods, such as the battles of Karameh and the siege of Beirut, was instrumental in providing essential medical services and aid...See More

Date of Last Update: 
December 30, 2023

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