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Dr. Hatem Khamash

Innovator in Neonatal Care

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Jerusalem, Palestine

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Why Featured?

For pioneering advancements in neonatology and pediatric care in Palestine.

Brief bio

Dr. Hatem Khamash is a revered Palestinian neonatologist with a notable career spanning over three decades. He is recognized for his significant contributions to neonatal and pediatric care, particularly in developing the Neonatology Department at Makassed Islamic Charitable Society Hospital into a modern referral unit. His work in mapping neonatal services across Palestine, developing referral protocols, and training healthcare professionals has had a profound impact on neonatal care in the region.

Major Milestones


  • Educational Background: Dr. Khamash completed his undergraduate medical studies at the University of Jordan’s School of Medicine in 1984, specialized in pediatrics at the University of Jordan hospital (1985-1987), and furthered his training in pediatrics and neonatology at the University of Toronto (1987-1993).

  • Fellowship Recognition: In 1992, he earned a fellowship from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, a testament to his expertise and contributions in the field.

  • Leadership at Makassed Hospital: Since 1993, Dr. Khamash has led the Neonatal Department at Makassed Islamic Charitable Society Hospital, overseeing its development into Palestine's main modern neonatal referral unit.

  • Educational Contributions: As an associate professor at Al-Quds University, he has played a crucial role in training the next generation of medical professionals in pediatrics and neonatology.

  • Community Housing Project: Organized a housing society for physicians, culminating in the first housing project for professionals in Jerusalem, aiding forty families to settle in the city.

  • Development of Neonatal Services: Instrumental in the mapping and improvement of neonatal services across Palestine, addressing the critical need for specialized care.

  • Referral Protocol for Neonatal Care: Played a key role in developing and getting approval for a neonatal and perinatal transfer referral protocol by the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

  • Neonatal and Pediatric Care Advisor: Serves as a senior adviser to Juzoor for Health and Social Development, the Palestinian Ministry of Health, and is involved in numerous training programs.

  • Fellowship Training Program: Initiated the first fellowship training program in neonatology in Palestine at Makassed Hospital, recognized by the Palestine Medical Council and the Arab Medical Council...See More

  • Research and International Presentations: Published and presented numerous papers on pediatrics and neonatology at national and international conferences, contributing to the global body of knowledge in his field...See More

Date of Last Update: 
April 6, 2024

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