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Dr. Mona El-Farra

Renowned Medical Doctor and Humanitarian

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Date of Birth:



Khan Younis, Gaza

Place of Birth:

Why Featured?

Significant contributions to healthcare and humanitarian efforts in Gaza.

Brief bio

Dr. Mona El-Farra is a respected Palestinian physician, human rights and women's rights activist, and healthcare advocate. Based in the Gaza Strip, she has dedicated her career to improving the health and well-being of Palestinians, especially women and children, under occupation. Through her roles in various health organizations and her outspoken advocacy, Dr. El-Farra has made significant strides in bringing attention to the healthcare crises in Gaza and mobilizing international support for Palestinian health and human rights.

Major Milestones


  • Medical Degree: Achieving her medical degree and choosing to work in Gaza, focusing on the healthcare needs of the most vulnerable populations.

  • Director of Gaza Projects: Her role as the Director of Gaza Projects for the Middle East Children's Alliance, through which she has overseen numerous health and humanitarian projects...See More 

  • International Speaking Engagements: Dr. El-Farra has been invited to speak at numerous international conferences and institutions, sharing her insights on the health situation in Gaza and advocating for Palestinian rights...See More

  • Humanitarian Awards: Receiving several international awards for her humanitarian work and advocacy, recognizing her efforts in healthcare and human rights...See More

  • Health and Human Rights Advocacy: Her active involvement in health and human rights organizations, including her position as Vice President of the Palestinian Red Crescent Society for the Gaza Strip, has been pivotal in coordinating healthcare services and advocacy efforts...See More 

  • Healthcare Delivery in Conflict Zones: Dr. El-Farra's work in organizing healthcare delivery and support services in Gaza, particularly during times of conflict, has saved countless lives and provided critical medical care to those in need.

  • Women and Children's Health Advocacy: She has been a strong advocate for the health rights of women and children, implementing programs aimed at improving health outcomes for these groups within Palestinian society.

  • Mental Health Programs: Recognizing the psychological impact of conflict, Dr. El-Farra has initiated and supported mental health programs aimed at helping Gazans cope with trauma.

  • International Humanitarian Awareness: Through her writings, speeches, and participation in international forums, she has played a key role in raising global awareness about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the health challenges faced by Palestinians.

  • Mentorship and Training: Dr. El-Farra has mentored and trained numerous healthcare professionals in Gaza, contributing to the development of local medical capacity and resilience.

Date of Last Update: 
April 6, 2024

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