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Dr. Abdullatif Husseini

Leading Public Health Expert

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Why Featured?

Pioneering work in public health and epidemiology in Palestine.

Brief bio

Dr. Abdullatif Husseini is a prominent Palestinian public health expert and epidemiologist with significant contributions to the understanding and improvement of health conditions in Palestine. His research has focused on chronic diseases, health systems strengthening, and the impact of occupation on health. Dr. Husseini's work is crucial in shaping public health policies and practices in Palestine and beyond, emphasizing the need for evidence-based approaches to healthcare in challenging contexts.

Major Milestones


  • Academic Qualifications: Achievement of advanced degrees in public health and epidemiology, establishing the foundation for his career. (Specific degrees, institutions, and years would need to be researched.)

  • Faculty Position: Appointment as a professor or senior lecturer at a leading university or medical school in Palestine or internationally, marking his recognition as an expert in his field.

  • Research Leadership: Leadership in significant research projects or initiatives focused on public health issues in Palestine, contributing to a deeper understanding of health determinants in the region.

  • International Collaboration: Participation in international public health networks or collaborations, highlighting his role in bridging Palestinian health issues with global health efforts.

  • Policy Influence: His contributions to health policy development in Palestine, through advisory roles or policy formulation efforts, have had a lasting impact on health systems strengthening and disease prevention.

  • Chronic Disease Epidemiology: Development of foundational research on the epidemiology of chronic diseases in Palestine, contributing to targeted prevention and management strategies.

  • Health Systems Research: Critical analysis and research on health systems in Palestine, offering insights into improvements in healthcare delivery and access.

  • Public Health Advocacy: Advocacy for public health improvements and equity in healthcare access, especially under conditions of occupation and limited resources.

  • Educational Contributions: Development of public health curricula or training programs, contributing to the education and training of future public health professionals in Palestine.

  • Published Works: Authorship of influential research papers, reports, and possibly books that have contributed to the body of knowledge in public health and are used by practitioners, policymakers, and academics alike.

Date of Last Update: 
April 6, 2024

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