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Zuhair Mahmoud Said Al-Karmi

Pioneer in Education, Science and Media

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Date of Birth:



Damascus, Syria

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Why Featured?

Zuhair Al-Karmi was a pioneering figure in education and media in the Arab world. He was instrumental in founding important educational institutions, significantly contributing to the development of scientific and educational programs in the Middle East.

Brief bio

Zuhair Al-Karmi was an influential TV presenter, journalist, and author from Tulkarem, Palestine. He was a scientific program presenter on various Arab radio stations and television channels, notably Jordan TV and JRTV. Al-Karmi was known for his documentary series "Al-`Elm Wa Al-Ḥayat" (Knowledge and Life). He was the founder and first chancellor of Al-Quds University.

Major Milestones


  • 1941: Obtained his bachelor's degree in Sciences from the American University of Beirut, initially enrolling as a medical student but switching to Sciences after his father's assassination.

  • 1948: Obtained a master's degree in Biology from Imperial College London and returned to Palestine to participate in founding Al-Jihad Hospital in Tulkarem and teaching at Al-Kadoorie Institute​​​​...See More

  • 1951: Moved to Kuwait, where he held various educational positions, including school teacher, Inspector of Education, and Director for Inspectors of Education. He also founded the Educational Science Museum in Kuwait in 1972.

  • 1979: Returned to Palestine from Kuwait, founding the College of Science and Technology next to the Arab Institute in Abu Dis, near Jerusalem.

  • 1984: Founded Al-Quds University, serving as its first chancellor and playing a crucial role in its development.

  • Founding Al-Quds University, a significant educational institution in the Palestinian territories.

  • Establishing the Arab Institute in Abu Dis and the College of Science and Technology, contributing to higher education in Palestine.

  • Developing and presenting scientific programs on Arab television and radio, notably his series "Al-`Elm Wa Al-Ḥayat"​​.

  • Authoring and translating several books and scientific materials, including 'ʿOud ʿAla Bed ʾ' (Full Circle), and translating 'Humankind' by Peter Farb​​...See More

  • Contributing to the education sector in Kuwait, including supervising science curricula and founding the Educational Science Museum

Date of Last Update: 
January 14, 2024

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