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Dr. Suleiman M. Baraka

Renowned Astrophysicist, Palestinian Advocate

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Abassan, Gaza, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Dr. Suleiman Baraka is a distinguished Palestinian astrophysicist and space scientist with significant contributions to astronomy and astrophysics. He is recognized for his work in promoting science and education in Palestine and his resilience in overcoming challenges due to the geopolitical situation in Gaza.

Brief bio

Dr. Suleiman Baraka is a Palestinian astrophysicist with a PhD in Astrophysics and Space Sciences. He has worked extensively in the field of astrophysics, holding positions like the holder of the Palestinian astrophysics chair for UNESCO. Despite facing numerous obstacles due to the conflict in the region, Dr. Baraka has been a resilient advocate for science and education.

Major Milestones


  • 1987: Completed B.Sc. in Physics from Al Quds University.

  • 1998: Achieved Grad Diploma from Penn State University, USA.

  • 2003: Earned M.Sc. in Theoretical Physics.

  • 2007: Obtained PhD in Astrophysics from UPMC, Paris, France.

  • 2010: Brought the first telescope into Gaza, a significant achievement considering the region's geopolitical constraints.

  • Astrophysics Research: Specialized in astrophysics, contributing to global understanding of space sciences...See More

  • Education: Actively involved in teaching and promoting science education in Palestine...See More

  • Promoting Astronomy: Introduced the first telescope in Gaza, facilitating astronomical studies in the region.

  • Diplomacy and International Relations: Engaged in activities to bridge science and diplomacy, enhancing Palestine's presence in the international scientific community.

  • Motivation and Public Speaking: Continuously inspires and motivates young minds in Palestine and abroad towards the pursuit of science and education.

Date of Last Update: 
January 14, 2024

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