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Ali H. Nayfeh

Master of Nonlinear Dynamics

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Shuwaikah, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Groundbreaking Theoretical Innovations

Brief bio

Ali H. Nayfeh was a pioneering figure in the field of nonlinear dynamics, contributing innovative theoretical frameworks that have profoundly impacted engineering, physics, and mathematics. With a career that spanned over four decades, Nayfeh's work in perturbation techniques, nonlinear oscillations, and other areas has been fundamental in advancing the analysis and modeling of complex engineering systems. His legacy includes not only his scientific contributions but also his role as a mentor to numerous students and researchers globally.

Major Milestones


  • Earned all academic degrees in four and a half years at Stanford University, achieving a Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Astronautics Engineering by 1964.

  • Founded the engineering school at Yarmouk University in Jordan, where he also served as Dean, significantly contributing to the development of engineering education in the region.

  • Authored influential textbooks on perturbation methods that are considered premier references in the field.

  • Received the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Mechanical Engineering in 2014 for his development of novel methods to model complex engineering systems.

  • Held distinguished professorships at Virginia Tech and the University of Jordan, reflecting his standing as a leading authority in his field...See More

  • Development of novel analytical methods for solving nonlinear differential equations, revolutionizing the understanding of dynamic systems.

  • Pioneered the use of multiple time scales in perturbation analysis, enhancing the practical design and analysis of engineering systems.

  • Authored over a thousand publications and books that have collectively been cited tens of thousands of times, shaping the landscape of nonlinear dynamics research.

  • Founded two prestigious journals: Nonlinear Dynamics and the Journal of Vibration and Control, establishing forums for advancing research in the field. [ Read more here: ]

  • Mentored 69 doctoral candidates to completion, leaving a legacy of education and inspiration for future generations of engineers and scientists...See More 

Date of Last Update: 
April 9, 2024

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