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Terez Sliman

Evocative singer, social change advocate through music and performance.

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Date of Birth:



Haifa, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Terez Sliman's music is known for its vulnerability and strength, combining personal narratives with broader social themes. Her work spans across various collaborations and projects, contributing significantly to Palestinian music and culture.

Brief bio

Terez Sliman is a Palestinian indie singer renowned for her emotionally resonant performances that blend personal experiences with social and political themes. Her work often addresses issues of identity, resistance, and the human condition, making her a significant figure in Palestinian music and cultural discourse.

Major Milestones


  • Began her career in local music performances and theatrical plays (2010)

  • Released the single "Green Revolution" as a tribute to the Tunisian Revolution (2011)

  • Collaborated with rapper Tamer Nafar and Poet Marwan Makhoul on the single “God of Revolution” 2014

  • Formed the group “Terez Yazan and Friends” and released the album “Almond Blossom” (2014)

  • Teamed up with Portuguese singer Sofia Portugal to form "Mina World Music" and released the album “Mina” (2016)

  • Vocal expression of social and political themes through music...See More

  • Collaborative projects with artists across different genres...See More

  • Contribution to the revival of folk songs in Palestine...See More

  • Advocacy for social change through her musical works...See More

  • Blending Palestinian music with international styles, such as Portuguese folk traditions.

Date of Last Update: 
December 17, 2023

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