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Tareq Abu Kwaik

Innovative Palestinian Musical Artist

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Why Featured?

Tareq Abu Kwaik, known as El Far3i, is a prominent figure in the Palestinian and Jordanian music scenes. He is celebrated for his unique blend of genres, including hip hop, rock, and Arabic traditional music, and for his contributions to the popular band 47Soul.

Brief bio

Tareq Abu Kwaik, stage name El Far3i, is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and drummer, known for his involvement in the Arabic electronic/hip-hop band 47Soul and the Arabic rock band El Morabba3. His music often reflects themes of Palestinian identity and cultural issues.

Major Milestones


  • Started Solo Career in Amman, Jordan (Around 2008): Began performing original acoustic and rap songs in small local venues.

  • Release of First Two Albums (2012): Released debut albums "Sout Min Khasab" and "Far3 El Madakhel"​​.

  • Second Rap Album 'Kaman Dafsheh' (2014): A significant addition to his discography, incorporating Arabic music samples.

  • Release of 'El Rajol El Khashabi' (2017): Known for the popular single "Tghayarti"​​.

  • International Touring with 47Soul (Post-2014): Gained international recognition, touring with the band 47Soul.

  • Innovative Musical Fusion: El Far3i's music fuses chaabi, hip-hop, electronic dub, and dubstep, creating a unique style called Shamstep​​.

  • Significant Solo Project: El Far3i's solo work focuses on the freedom of expression using various musical styles and production mediums.

  • Contribution to 47Soul: As a leading member, he plays a vital role in the band's musical direction and success.

  • Cultural and Social Themes in Music: His lyrics often address themes like Arab identity, Palestinian struggle, politics, mental health, and unity.

  • Production Work: Produces beats under Arab Drumz, focusing on Arab experiences throughout the world

Date of Last Update: 
January 13, 2024

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