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Shireen Abu Akleh

Pioneering Palestinian-American Journalist, Trailblazer

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Date of Birth:



Jerusalem, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Abu Akleh was a trailblazer in journalism, becoming one of the first female field reporters in the Arab world and providing extensive coverage of key events Palestinian case. Her work brought international attention to the complexities and human aspects of the conflict, making her a respected figure in journalism.

Brief bio

Shireen Abu Akleh was a Palestinian-American journalist renowned for her coverage of the Israeli occupation aggressions on palestine. Working for Al Jazeera for over two decades, she became a prominent figure in the Arab world for her field reporting, particularly during the second Intifada. Her commitment to journalism amidst dangerous conditions highlighted the importance of press freedom and the role of journalists.

Major Milestones


  • Studied Journalism at Yarmouk University (1987-1993): Pursued journalism during the first Intifada when universities in occupied territories were closed.

  • Co-established Voice of Palestine Radio (1994): Played a key role in establishing a significant Palestinian radio station.

  • Joined Al Jazeera (1997): Became a pioneering female field journalist reporting from Jerusalem...See More

  • Covered Major Conflicts: Notably reported on the second Intifada and several Israeli offensives on Gaza (2000-2021)...See More

  • Shireen Abu Akleh was killed on 11 May 2022 by the israeli occupation army  while covering an Israeli army agression in Jenin, West Bank. Her funeral on 13 May 2022 was marked by violence, as Israeli security forces opressed the mourners in Jerusalem. Despite this , her casket was carried from a hospital to a church and then to her final resting place at the Mount Zion Protestant Cemetery. The funeral was attended by a large number of mourners and was a significant event, reflecting her impact and legacy​ for the palestinians...See More

  • Coverage of Israeli Invasions: Extensive reporting on Israeli military actions in the West Bank and Gaza.

  • Reporting on Political Events: Covered the 2006 war in Lebanon and the 2016 US presidential elections.

  • Educational Contributions: Teaching and training future journalists at Bir Zeit University.

  • Innovative Reporting Techniques: Notably reported on the Israeli evacuation of settlements in the Gaza Strip in 2006.

Date of Last Update: 
December 30, 2023

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