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Sandra Madi

Pioneering Palestinian film director, actress, writer, and radio presenter.

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Date of Birth:



Amman, Jordan

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Why Featured?

Sandra Madi is recognized for her significant contributions to the fields of film and theater, both as a director and actress. Her works often explore important social and political themes, particularly those related to Palestinian life and culture.

Brief bio

Sandra Madi is a Palestinian film director, actress, writer, and radio presenter. She is known for her work in plays, documentaries, and films that often address significant social and political themes. Madi's dedication to her craft and her unique cinematic language have made her a notable figure in the Palestinian arts community.

Major Milestones


  • Graduated from the Arab Institute of Film (AIF) - December 2006

  • Began working with Al Jazeera as a documentary producer and director - Since 2004

  • Directed the documentary 'Saken' - 2014

  • Worked as a radio presenter

  • Won three awards as best actress in theater

  • Directed over 20 plays that toured many cities in Europe...See More

  • Produced and directed several TV series, entertainment programs, and documentaries...See More

  • Trained young people through various workshops...See More

  • Worked with local and international production companies and agencies...See More

Date of Last Update: 
December 15, 2023

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