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Samer Abudaqa

Dedicated Journalist, Brave Cameraman, Martyr

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Date of Birth:



Gaza, Palestine

Place of Birth:

Why Featured?

Samer Abudaqa was a remarkable journalist and cameraman who worked tirelessly to cover significant events in Gaza, often under extremely challenging and dangerous conditions. His dedication to documenting the realities of life in Gaza, particularly during the 2023 Israeli agression on Gaza, made him a notable figure in journalism.

Brief bio

Samer Abudaqa was a Palestinian journalist who served as a cameraman and editor for Al Jazeera Arabic in Gaza. Born in 1978, he was known for his brave and relentless coverage of the war in Gaza, highlighting the plight of Palestinians under siege. His tragic death while reporting underscores the risks journalists face in conflict zones.

Major Milestones


  • Joined Al Jazeera (2004): Started working as a cameraman and editor...See More

  • Covering Israel-Hamas Conflict: Focused on the impact of the conflict on Gaza's population.

  • Captured Devastating Destruction: Reached and documented areas heavily affected by the conflict...See More

  • Injured in Drone Attack (2023): Suffered injuries while reporting in Khan Younis by the isreali occupation and lef to bleed until death,since the israeli occupation abandened any medical aid to reach him...See More

  • Documenting Gaza's Humanitarian Crisis: Chronicled the effects of the siege and bombardment on Gaza.

  • Ground Reporting During Conflict: Provided critical on-the-ground coverage of the Israeli’s agressions.

  • Visual Documentation of War Zones: Captured areas not reached by other journalists.

  • Highlighting Civilian Plight: Brought attention to the struggles of Palestinians in Gaza.

  • Reported Under Dangerous Conditions: Demonstrated courage and commitment to journalism in perilous situations.

Date of Last Update: 
December 30, 2023

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