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Saleh Zighari

Digital Chronicler of Palestinian Struggles

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Why Featured?

Advocating Through Digital Platforms

Brief bio

Saleh Zighari is a Palestinian content creator and freelance reporter known for his poignant coverage of Palestinian issues through social media and digital platforms. Utilizing his significant online presence, Zighari focuses on the social media and electronic challenges faced by Palestinians, drawing parallels between these and the physical siege of Palestine. His work provides a critical lens on how digital platforms impact the narrative and visibility of Palestinian struggles.

Major Milestones


  • Social Media Advocacy: Became recognized for his sharp critiques and advocacy on how social platforms manage Palestinian content, particularly concerning the visibility of their socio-political issues.

  • Freelance Reporting: Covered significant protests and events, providing firsthand insights and reports that highlight the impacts of conflict on daily Palestinian life.

  • YouTube Channel Development: Developed a YouTube channel that serves as a platform for disseminating information and raising awareness about Palestinian issues, attracting a substantial following.

  • Public Speaking Engagements: Engaged in public discussions and interviews to shed light on the challenges Palestinians face on digital platforms.

  • International Attention: His advocacy has drawn international attention, helping to spark broader discussions on the rights of Palestinians in digital spaces.

  • Highlighting Digital Inequalities: Brought attention to how social media platforms can silence or marginalize Palestinian voices, impacting their ability to share their narratives and mobilize support.

  • Documenting Protests and Violations: Through his reporting, Zighari has documented numerous instances of rights violations, providing a crucial record that can be used for advocacy and legal challenges.

  • Educating on Digital Rights: Provides education on digital rights and the importance of equitable treatment by major tech platforms, advocating for fair policies that respect free expression.

  • Building a Global Audience: Utilized his platform to connect with a global audience, bringing international focus to Palestinian issues that are often underrepresented in mainstream media...See More

  • Supporting Media Freedom: Advocates for freedom of the press and expression in Palestine, emphasizing the role of media in democratic societies and conflict zones.

Date of Last Update: 
July 8, 2024

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