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Sahar Mustafah

Pioneering Palestinian-American Novelist

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Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Why Featured?

Acclaimed Contributions to Literature with Palestinian Themes

Brief bio

Sahar Mustafah is a distinguished writer and educator, celebrated for her powerful explorations of the Palestinian-American identity through her award-winning novels and short stories. Her work provides nuanced portrayals of complex identities and experiences, contributing significantly to the dialogue around diaspora and displacement.

Major Milestones


  • Academic Achievement: Graduated with an MFA in Fiction from Columbia College, where she was recognized as a Follett Graduate Scholar.

  • Debut Novel: Authored The Beauty of Your Face, a novel that delves into the Palestinian-American experience, which received notable acclaim including selection as a New York Times Book Review Notable Book...See More

  • Literary Awards: Won the Willow Books Grand Prize for Code of The West and has been recognized with several nominations for the Pushcart Prize.

  • Educational Impact: As a high school teacher, Mustafah has influenced young minds, integrating her rich cultural heritage into her teaching.

  • Advocacy through Literature: Engages deeply in community and literary discussions about Palestinian issues and broader social justice themes.

  • Literary Excellence: Mustafah's writings have been highly praised for their depth and sensitivity in portraying the struggles and resilience of Palestinian-Americans.

  • Cultural Representation: Through her novels and short stories, she offers a voice to the Palestinian diaspora, enhancing visibility and understanding of Palestinian culture and issues.

  • Community Engagement: Actively participates in literary and cultural events, promoting dialogue and understanding across diverse communities.

  • Mentorship and Education: Beyond her writing, Mustafah's role as an educator has enabled her to shape the perspectives of young Americans about multiculturalism and acceptance.

  • Innovative Storytelling: Her narratives are known for interweaving personal and political themes, which challenge readers to reconsider common narratives around identity and belonging...See More 

Date of Last Update: 
June 26, 2024

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