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Rushdi Sarraj

Courageous photojournalist, documented Gaza’s reality under Seige.

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Gaza, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Rushdi Sarraj is remembered for his dedication to truthfully and bravely documenting life in Gaza, particularly during times of conflict and peace, and for his contributions to Palestinian journalism.

Brief bio

Rushdi Sarraj was a Palestinian photojournalist known for his work in Gaza. He co-founded Ain Media, a media company that worked with international news organizations. Sarraj was dedicated to portraying the everyday life and struggles of people in Gaza through his photography and filmmaking.

Major Milestones


  • Co-founding Ain Media with Yaser Murtaja in 2012 (2012).

  • Overcoming the loss of his colleague and friend Yaser Murtaja, and continuing their shared mission in journalism (2018).

  • Producing footage for international organizations including UNICEF, Al Jazeera, and BBC.

  • Covering six Israeli aggressions on Gaza since 2012, amplifying the Palestinian voice in international media (2012 - 2023).

  • Won numerous awards for productions with Ain Media.

  • Documenting the realities of life in Gaza amidst conflict...See More

  • Providing coverage for international media outlets, ensuring global visibility of the Palestinian situation...See More

  • Producing award-winning content for various international organizations.

  • Continuing journalistic work in Gaza despite personal losses and risks.

  • Portraying the resilience and everyday life of Palestinians beyond the conflict.

  • 2023: Martyred in an Israeli Occupation missile strike in Gaza.

Date of Last Update: 
December 15, 2023

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