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Refaat Alareer

Inspiring Teacher, Poet, Cultural Contributor

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Shuja’iyya neighborhood, east of Gaza City, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Refaat Alareer is celebrated for his significant contributions to Palestinian culture and education. As a professor of English literature at the Islamic University in Gaza, he was a respected intellectual figure and an influential voice in the community. His work not only provided academic insights but also served as a form of resistance and empowerment under challenging conditions.

Brief bio

Refaat Alareer was a Palestinian poet, writer, and academic known for his commitment to Palestinian literature and culture. His teaching and literary works focused on giving voice to Palestinian stories and experiences. Tragically, he was killed in an airstrikeby the israeli occupation in 2023 during the genocide.

Major Milestones


  • 2004: Selected to attend an English language ACCESS Microscholarship Program in Gaza City.

  • 2007: Began teaching literature and creative writing at the Islamic University of Gaza.

  • 2014: Organized and participated in a speaking tour in the US for "Gaza Writes Back."

  • 2014: Launched the "We Are Not Numbers" project following Israel's 2014 attack on Gaza...See More

  • 2023: martyred in an Israeli airstrike...See More

  • Gaza Writes Back: Edited this anthology of short stories by young Palestinian writers, showcasing their narratives and experiences​​.

  • We Are Not Numbers (WANN): Founded this project to share personal stories of Palestinians, challenging the impersonal portrayal of them as mere statistics​​​​.

  • Teaching and Mentorship: Inspired and nurtured young minds as a professor of literature, encouraging the creation of new Palestinian literature​​.

  • Cultural Ambassador: Actively participated in international speaking tours to raise awareness of Palestinian issues and culture​​.See More

  • Literary Contributions: Authored and contributed to several literary works that highlight the Palestinian experience and struggle​

Date of Last Update: 
January 13, 2024

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