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Dr. Hanna Nasir

Visionary Educational Leader and Activist

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Jaffa, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Pioneering role in Palestinian education and political activism.

Brief bio

Dr. Hanna Nasir is a prominent Palestinian academic and political figure. He played a crucial role in transforming Birzeit College into a world-class university, served as its first president, and held various positions within the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Despite facing exile, he continued his work for Palestinian education and political rights.

Major Milestones


  • Obtaining PhD in Nuclear Physics (1967): Received from Purdue University, USA.

  • Transforming Birzeit College into a University (1972): Chaired the team for this transformation.

  • Exile to Lebanon (1974): Expelled by Israeli authorities, remained Birzeit University's president in exile.

  • Member of PLO Executive Committee (1977-1984): Elected for two consecutive terms.

  • Chairman of the Central Elections Commission (2002): Oversaw several important elections in Palestine.

  • Educational Leadership at Birzeit University: As the first president, he significantly contributed to its development and international recognition.

  • Political Activism: His involvement with the PLO and commitment to Palestinian rights.

  • Overseeing Critical Elections: His role in the Palestinian Central Elections Commission ensured fair electoral processes.

  • Academic and Research Contributions: His work in nuclear physics and contributions to international academic organizations.

  • Inspiration for Other Institutions: His leadership inspired the development of other higher-education institutions in Palestine.

Date of Last Update: 
January 15, 2024

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