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Dr. Imad Ahmad Barghouthi

Renowned Plasma Physicist, Courageous Academic

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Date of Birth:



Beit Rima, Ramallah, Palestine

Place of Birth:

Why Featured?

Exceptional contributions to theoretical space plasma physics and advocating for academic freedom under challenging circumstances and occupation that he faces.

Brief bio

Dr. Imad Barghouthi, a Professor of Plasma Physics at Al Quds University, is celebrated for his significant contributions to theoretical space plasma physics and his resolute stand for academic freedom in Palestine. Despite facing multiple arrests and detentions due to his outspoken nature, he has remained a prominent figure in his field, influencing both scientific research and the broader struggle for academic rights.

Major Milestones


  • Becoming a Professor at Al Quds University: Established a distinguished career in plasma physics.

  • Multiple Arrests and Detentions (Last in 2021): Despite these challenges, he continued his academic and research work...See More

  • Shift in Teaching Philosophy (1994 - 2021): Transitioned from lecturer to motivator, emphasizing practical, hands-on learning.

  • Development of Monte Carlo Code (Ongoing): Pioneering research in space plasma physics.

  • Award of the Academic Honoris Causa Prize (2021): Recognized for steadfast support of academic freedom by a Belgian academic society.

  • Theoretical Space Plasma Physics: Published 42 papers in leading journals in this field.

  • Interdisciplinary Research: Contributed to scientific literacy, education, and the intersection of Islam and science, with 15 publications.

  • Advocacy for Academic Freedom: His case became an international symbol of the struggle for academic rights...See More

  • Innovative Research Projects: His work on solar wind and ionosphere behavior is groundbreaking.

  • Educational Approach: His focus on real-world applications and research-based learning has significantly influenced physics education.

Date of Last Update: 
January 7, 2024

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