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Rasha Abu Safieh

Social Entrepreneur, Empowering through Technology

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Texas, USA

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Why Featured?

Pioneering IT and Social Entrepreneurship in Palestine

Brief bio

Rasha Abu Safieh is a distinguished social entrepreneur and Edmund Hillary Fellow recognized for her role in founding the first IT impact-sourcing social enterprise in Palestine, GGateway, which has significantly contributed to job creation and skill development in Gaza.

Major Milestones


  • Co-founding GGateway: Initiated the first IT impact-sourcing enterprise in Palestine, aimed at empowering youth through technology and remote work opportunities.

  • Recognition as a Leader: Named a Time Magazine Next Generation Leader in 2018, acknowledging her influence and leadership in technology and social entrepreneurship.

  • Global Impact: Extended her influence globally as an Edmund Hillary Fellow, working from New Zealand to create impactful social projects.

  • Education and Resilience: Overcame the challenges of living through three wars in Gaza and pursued higher education that fueled her commitment to social change...See More and here : [See More]

  • Advocacy and Public Speaking: Active in global forums, sharing her journey and insights on building resilience and social innovation through technology...See More

  • Job Creation in Tech: Established pathways for hundreds of Palestinian youth to access employment in the tech industry, thereby addressing unemployment and economic stagnation.

  • Women's Empowerment: Focused on empowering women by providing them with job opportunities and skills in the growing tech sector.

  • Innovation in Education: Utilized her platforms to advocate for and implement innovative educational programs in technology and entrepreneurship.

  • Social Enterprise Leadership: Demonstrated exceptional leadership in guiding GGateway to become a model for social enterprises in conflict zones...See More

  • International Collaboration: Fostered international partnerships and collaborations, enhancing the global network of support for Palestinian tech initiatives.

Date of Last Update: 
May 9, 2024

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