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Paul Biggar

Advocate for Palestinian tech community

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Why Featured?

Founded Tech for Palestine

Brief bio

Paul Biggar is an influential figure in the tech industry, known for founding CircleCI and Darklang, and more recently for initiating Tech for Palestine. This initiative aims to mobilize the tech community to support Palestinian rights and provide practical support through technology.

Major Milestones


  • Founded CircleCI: A continuous integration platform, valued at $1.7 billion.

  • Launched Darklang: An innovative programming language and platform for building serverless backends.

  • Public Advocacy Post: Wrote a viral blog post critiquing the tech industry's response to conflicts affecting Palestinians, which garnered significant attention and support.

  • Established Tech for Palestine: Created to mobilize tech resources and community support for Palestinian causes...See More

  • Faced Professional Repercussions: After his public advocacy, faced repercussions including being ousted from the board of CircleCI.

  • Continuous Integration Revolution: Through CircleCI, significantly impacted how development cycles are managed in software engineering...See More

  • Innovations in Programming: Introduced Darklang, aiming to simplify and enhance serverless backend development.

  • Advocacy in Tech: His blog post and subsequent activism highlighted the role of tech in geopolitical issues...See More

  • Resource Mobilization for Palestine: Through Tech for Palestine, coordinated efforts to support Palestinian tech professionals and advocate for their rights...See More

  • Community Building: Played a key role in creating a platform for tech professionals to contribute to advocacy and support efforts for Palestine.

Date of Last Update: 
July 14, 2024

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