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Noura Erakat

Legal Luminary for Palestinian Rights

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California, USA

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Why Featured?

Leading Scholar on International Law and Human Rights

Brief bio

Noura Erakat is a Palestinian-American human rights attorney, legal scholar, and activist. As an associate professor at Rutgers University, she has been at the forefront of discussions and advocacy concerning Palestinian rights and international law, particularly focusing on the legal dimensions of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Major Milestones


  • Academic Achievements: Graduated Phi Beta Kappa from UC Berkeley, and later obtained her Juris Doctor and L.L.M from Georgetown University Law Center.

  • Founding of Jadaliyya: Co-founded Jadaliyya, an independent magazine covering the Middle East, which has become a critical platform for scholarly analysis and regional news.

  • Legal Scholarship: Published Justice for Some: Law and the Question of Palestine, exploring the interplay between international law and the politics of the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

  • Influential Speaking Engagements: Regularly speaks at major universities and forums, providing critical insights into human rights and international law.

  • Advocacy in High-Profile Legal Forums: Has been involved in significant international cases and public discussions that seek to address and advocate for Palestinian rights at the global stage.

  • Scholarly Publications: Her writings, especially her book Justice for Some, have been influential in academic and legal circles, offering a nuanced view of the Palestinian struggle within the frameworks of international law.

  • Educational Impact: As a professor, Erakat educates future leaders on critical issues facing international law and human rights, with a focus on the Middle East...See More

  • Public Advocacy: Through her public talks and media appearances, she raises awareness about the complexities of legal issues in the Israeli occupation of Palestine...See More

  • Policy Influence: Her expertise is sought in policy-making circles, where she provides insights that shape international understanding and responses to the the war.

  • Community and Professional Leadership: Serves on several boards and committees that aim to influence policy and offer support to marginalized communities globally.

Date of Last Update: 
June 26, 2024

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