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Nour Odeh

Pioneering Palestinian Journalist

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Why Featured?

First female government spokesperson in Palestine

Brief bio

Nour Odeh is a prominent Palestinian journalist and media consultant, known for her extensive experience in covering critical issues in the Middle East. She made history as the first woman to be appointed as a spokesperson for the Palestinian government. Her career spans various roles in media production, journalism, and public relations, making her a key figure in Palestinian communications and international representation.

Major Milestones


  • Senior Correspondent for Al Jazeera English (2006-2011): Nour Odeh's tenure as a senior correspondent for Al Jazeera English in the West Bank marks a significant phase in her career. Over five years, she reported on critical developments in the region, bringing international attention to Palestinian issues through her insightful analysis and coverage.

  • Appointment as the First Government Spokeswoman in Palestine (2012): This milestone is particularly noteworthy as it highlights her pioneering role in Palestinian politics and communications. Her appointment as the first female government spokesperson for the Palestinian Authority underscores her trailblazing contributions to enhancing the visibility of Palestinian women in public and political spheres.

  • Candidacy for the Palestinian Legislative Council (2012-2013): Nour Odeh's candidacy in the Palestinian local elections demonstrates her active involvement in Palestinian political life and her commitment to legislative change and representation. This step reflects her dedication to influencing Palestinian politics directly and her ongoing engagement with the democratic process.

  • Founding Member of the National Democratic Forum for Palestine: Her role in founding the National Democratic Forum for Palestine signifies her commitment to fostering democratic ideals and supporting political pluralism within Palestinian society. This initiative showcases her dedication to political activism and her efforts to promote national dialogue and consensus-building.

  • Freelance Communications Consultant and Public Diplomacy Advisor: Nour Odeh's extensive experience as a freelance communications consultant and her work as a public diplomacy advisor to the Palestinian government highlight her expertise in strategic communication and public relations. These roles underscore her efforts to shape the narrative around Palestinian rights and statehood on the global stage.

  1. Media Representation: Advocated for fair representation of Palestine in international media...See More  

  2. Journalistic Excellence: Set high standards in journalistic integrity and reporting accuracy.

  3. Women's Empowerment: Actively contributed to the empowerment of women in the media and political sectors.

  4. Public Relations Strategy: Developed and implemented effective communication strategies for Palestinian representation.

  5. Educational Workshops or Lectures: Conducted workshops or lectures on media, communication, and political advocacy.

Date of Last Update: 
April 2, 2024

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