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Nasser Laham

Influential Journalist, Translator, and Mediator

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Date of Birth:



Deheishe Refugee Camp, Bethlehem, Palestine

Place of Birth:

Why Featured?

Nasser Laham is recognized for his groundbreaking work in journalism and media, particularly in translating and mediating between Arabic and Hebrew. His commitment to providing balanced and responsible media coverage, humanizing the subjects of his reporting, and his efforts in breaking stereotypes and barriers in communication are noteworthy.

Brief bio

Nasser Laham is a Palestinian journalist, translator, and mediator born in Deheishe Refugee Camp near Bethlehem. He is the Chief Editor at Ma'an News Agency in Bethlehem and anchors a daily TV news program. Laham's work involves translating Hebrew evening news into Arabic for Palestinian audiences. He is known for his efforts in promoting unbiased media coverage and has made significant contributions to improving understanding and communication between Palestinians and Israelis.

Major Milestones


  • Born in Deheishe Refugee Camp (1966): Began his journey in a challenging environment, setting the stage for his future work.

  • Began Journalism Career : Started his career as editor-in-chief of Bethlehem TV and Al-Mahd TV while studying at Bethlehem University.

  • Imprisonment : Endured imprisonment in Israeli jails during the first intifada, shaping his perspectives and future work.

  • Initiated News Translation Program : Started translating the Hebrew evening news into Arabic, bridging a significant communication gap...See More

  • Published "The Only Truth about Yassir Arafat" : Authored a unique book inviting readers to write their own history of Arafat, indicating his innovative approach to journalism and history...See More

  • Chief Editor at Ma'an News Agency: Leading a major news agency in Bethlehem.

  • Daily TV News Program: Translating Hebrew evening news into Arabic, providing crucial insights to Palestinian audiences.

  • Advocacy for Responsible Media Coverage: Promoting unbiased reporting and humanizing news subjects.

  • Mediator and Translator: Bridging linguistic and cultural barriers between Palestinians and Israelis.

  • Arab Culture, Media Journalists for Al-Quds and 2020 Personality of the Year Award from Al Sanabel Center Awards

Date of Last Update: 
December 30, 2023

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