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Muna Al-Kurd

Resilient Activist for Palestine

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Date of Birth:



Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem, Palestine

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Why Featured?

Vocal advocacy against displacement in Sheikh Jarrah and Jerusalem

Brief bio

Muna Al-Kurd is a prominent Palestinian activist known for her efforts to raise international awareness about the Israeli occupation continuous illegal actions , particularly the forced displacement of Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah. Alongside her twin brother Mohammed, Muna has become a symbol of Palestinian resistance and youth activism.

Major Milestones


  • Born and Raised in Sheikh Jarrah (1998): Grew up in a neighborhood central to her later activism...See More

  • Campaign Against Evictions (October 2020): Faced with the threat of eviction, Muna and her family were given 30 days to appeal against the eviction orders.

  • #SaveSheikhJarrah Campaign (March 2021): Launched a successful online campaign to bring international attention to forced displacements in Sheikh Jarrah...See More

  • Arrest by IDF: Arrested for participating in what was described as “riots” in Sheikh Jarrah by the occupation side...See More

  • Featured in TIME’s 100 Most Influential People (2021): Recognition for her efforts in bringing global attention to the Palestinian cause.

  • International Advocacy: Used social media to document and share the struggles faced by Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah.

  • Raising Global Awareness: Her activism led to international protests and a shift in global perception regarding the international support with the Palestinians .

  • Symbol of Resistance: Became a leading voice in the fight against Israeli occupation and displacement practices...See More

  • Youth Mobilization: Inspired a new generation of Palestinian and global youth to engage in activism.

  • Media Appearances: Utilized various media platforms to articulate the Palestinian narrative in multiple languages.

Date of Last Update: 
January 16, 2024

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