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Mai Masri

Pioneering filmmaker documenting Palestinian life under occupation.

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Date of Birth:



Amman, Jordan

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Why Featured?

Acclaimed for her humanistic films focusing on women and children in conflict zones, particularly under Israeli occupation.

Brief bio

Palestinian filmmaker educated in the USA, known for her award-winning documentaries and feature films that provide a unique perspective on the lives of women and children in conflict situations.

Major Milestones


  • 1990: Directed "Children of Fire," focusing on life under Israeli occupation.

  • 1998: Created "Children of Shatila," documenting life in a refugee camp.

  • 2001: Released "Frontiers of Dreams and Fears," exploring young Palestinian refugees' lives.

  • 2015: Debuted her feature film "3000 Nights," winning 24 international awards including the Youth Jury Award at Geneva’s International Film Festival.

  • Received a Career Achievement Award at El Gouna Film Festival and delivered a masterclass titled ‘The Documentary Journey’.

  • Directed and produced award-winning films like "Under the Rubble," "Wild Flowers," and "War Generation-Beirut"...See More

  • Films received international acclaim, including Best Documentary at the Institut du Monde Arabe Film Festival in Paris...See More

  • "Children of Shatila" won Best Director and Best Camera awards at the Arab Screen Festival in London in 1998...See More

  • "Frontiers of Dreams and Fears" received fourteen awards, including First Prize at the Arab World Academy in Paris.

  • Her documentaries provided a powerful, authentic depiction of life in occupied territories and served as historical documentation.

Date of Last Update: 
January 11, 2024

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