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Leila Abdelrazaq

Visual Narrator of Palestinian Life

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Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Why Featured?

Pioneering Work in Graphic Novels on Palestinian Themes

Brief bio

Leila Abdelrazaq is a Chicago-born Palestinian-American artist and writer, known for her graphic novels that explore themes of Palestinian identity, diaspora, and history. Her works combine personal narratives with broader socio-political contexts, bringing to life the struggles and resilience of the Palestinian people.

Major Milestones


  • Graphic Novel Debut: Published her debut graphic novel, Baddawi, which was shortlisted for the 2015 Palestine Book Awards and has been translated into three languages, including Arabic.

  • Academic Achievements: Graduated from DePaul University in 2015 with a BFA in Theatre Arts and a BA in Arabic Studies, fueling her dual interest in art and Middle Eastern studies.

  • Community Engagement: Active in community organizing around Palestinian issues in Chicago since 2011, using her art to advocate and educate.

  • International Recognition: Her work has been featured in exhibitions and literary platforms globally, including World War 3 Illustrated and VICE Magazine.

  • Entrepreneurial Ventures: Founded Bigmouth Press & Comix, a platform to support artists of color, particularly women and non-binary artists, in the comics industry.

  • Innovative Graphic Storytelling: Leila has utilized graphic novels as a medium to address complex themes such as displacement and identity, making significant contributions to the genre of political and autobiographical comics...See More

  • Cultural Representation: Through her graphic novels and zines, she has visually chronicled the Palestinian experience, contributing to the preservation and understanding of Palestinian history and culture.

  • Educational Impact: Abdelrazaq’s work is used in educational settings to facilitate discussions on Middle Eastern politics and the Palestinian diaspora.

  • Advocacy and Activism: Her artistic projects often intersect with her activism, particularly in promoting social justice and civil rights within and beyond the Palestinian community...See More 

  • Supporting Emerging Artists: Through Bigmouth Press & Comix, she has created opportunities for marginalized voices in the arts, significantly impacting the diversity and inclusivity of the comics industry.

Date of Last Update: 
June 26, 2024

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