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Iyad Staiti

Oud player, music educator, contributor to Palestinian cultural preservation.

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Why Featured?

Iyad Staiti has made significant contributions to preserving and promoting Palestinian music and culture. His work as an oud player and teacher, as well as his involvement in various music projects and productions, have played a crucial role in keeping Palestinian musical traditions alive and accessible to new generations.

Brief bio

Iyad Staiti is a Palestinian oud player and music educator born in Jordan. He has dedicated his life to the study, performance, and teaching of traditional Arab music. He is known for his involvement in various musical projects, workshops, and performances that aim to preserve and promote Palestinian and Arab musical heritage.

Major Milestones


  • Graduated from Baghdad University, Al Resafa Management College specializing in management and accounting (1995).

  • Became a founding member at Al-Kamandjati and worked as an oud teacher and North Program and Activities Coordinator (2004-2014).

  • Participated in a workshop on traditional Arab music at the School of Music of Catalonia, in collaboration with the Catalan Association for Peace and Al Kamandjati association.

  • Composed music for the project 'Al Wajd & Al Rouh,' a blend of Andalusian maqam and oriental music.

  • Composed and supervised the melody for a video clip directed by May Odeh, expressing the rights of Palestinian children.

  • Dedicated work in teaching and preserving traditional Arab music, especially the oud...See More

  • Key role in various music projects and workshops that focus on Palestinian music...See More

  • Involvement in the production of music that reflects and documents Palestinian experiences and heritage...See More

  • Composer of significant musical pieces that blend traditional Arab elements with contemporary themes.

  • Active participation in cultural exchanges and workshops, promoting Palestinian music on international platforms.

Date of Last Update: 
December 17, 2023

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